About us

Work with the experts in mass spectrometry and epigenetics

Our Team

EpiQMAx is based on an idea from Prof. Axel Imhof, Dr. Moritz Voelker-Albert and Dr. Victor Solis. We have worked in the Histone Modifications group at the BioMedical Center in Munich. Backed up by our knowledge and experience on mass spectrometry and epigenetic modifications, our goal is to contribute to the development of epigenetic drugs, together with the pharmaceutical industry.

We are supported by a team that coordinates legal, administrative and organizational aspects. Moreover, we have created alliances with other companies to offer an attractive technique with a competent and ambitious service.

EpiQMAx - Moritz Voelker-Albert
Dr. Moritz Voelker-Albert

CEO of EpiQMAx GmbH and developer of our experimental kit. Dr. Völker-Albert studied Biomedicine in Marburg, Leiden and Utrecht. He has obtained his doctoral degree from the LMU in chromatin research and analysis of histone modifications by mass spectrometry.

EpiQMAx - Victor Solis
Dr. Victor Solis

Founder of EpiQMAx GmbH and main software developer and data analyst of the company. Mr. Solis studied Bioinformatics in Lima, Turku and Heidelberg. He has 6 years of experience on the analysis and visualization of mass spectrometry data, for which he obtained his doctoral degree from the LMU.

EpiQMAx - Axel Imhof
Prof. Dr. Axel Imhof

Scientific advisor and mentor of EpiQMAx GmbH. Prof. Imhof brings a large expertise to the company as a specialist in the epigenetics, histone modifications and mass spectrometry fields. His academic experience and contacts in the clinical context will allow the implementation of the long term corporate goal of EpiQMAx: to bring epigenetics to the clinic.

Funding & Support

EpiQMAx is currently a spin-off company of the LMU University. We receive support from:

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