What is epigenetics?

What makes monozygotic tweens different if they have almost the same genotype? If all cells in an organism have the same DNA sequence, why are there so many different cell types?

How complex is epigenetics?

Epigenetic changes on the DNA are diverse. Together they impact a wide range of biological processes such as organism development and disease progression.

Epigenetics and diet

Epigenetic changes on the DNA are affected by our diet, our physical activity, stresses and other environmental factors.

Epigenetics and diseases

Cancer cells carry epigenetic changes on their DNA, and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, are highly affected by epigenetics.

Epigenetics and sports

The effects of sports go beyond fitness and muscle building, they also influence our epigenetics.

Brief history of epigenetics

Since the 1950s, important milestones have been achieved in the field. Future discoveries promise a greater impact in society.

Cell therapy and epigenetics

Cell therapy combined with epigenetic drugs could lead to better patient outcome in AML and other cancers.

Fasting and epigenetics

People do fasting for many reasons. Its effects on human epigenetics are not well known yet, but some insights in mice have been found.

Epigenetics of ageing

DNA methylation has been termed as the epigenetic clock for its correlation with the chronological age of cells. Nonetheless, more epigenetic factors of ageing have been found in the last years.

Epigenetic products and services

Even though not many direct-to-consumer epigenetic products are available yet, some are already making its way to the market. Check some cases in this blog post.

Anti-ageing comes with dieting

Researchers are gaining insights into anti-ageing mechanisms and treatments, but in the meantime, we should preserve our youthfullness with an epigenetic diet.

Anti-ageing with caloric restriction

Can changing your diet lead to a healthier lifestyle and longer lifespan? Check out how caloric restriction plays a role in our biological clocks.