Epigenetics Service

Faster, complete and oriented to you

Histone modifications and more

With EpiQMAx you receive a robust and precise service for the simultaneous measurement of up to 80 histone modifications.

EpiQMAx - PTMs

Your samples are processed fast, thanks to our laboratory KIT that reduces the workflow of standard protocols by more than 50% and is applicable to different sample sources.

If sensitive quantification is relevant for you, then you have found the right partner. We use mass spectrometry to detect and quantify histones even from low sample amounts.

Solutions from the experts

With EpiQMAx you benefit from the expertise and support of two biomedical biochemists and one bioinformatician. We have ample experience in the analysis of histones modifications, mass spectrometry, data visualization and data analysis. The EpiQMAx service comprises:

Visual report

Use our visualization software to prepare whitepapers and report to others in your company and customers.
You obtain your results not only as tables, but as visualizations that speed the interpretation of your data. Our reporting software offers a drag and drop interface that allows our customers to explore MS data in new ways.

Pricing & Time

We have a well structured service pipeline. Each of our milestones (i.e.: Sample preparation, MS quantification and Data analysis) can be individually provided as a service.
Contact us via info@epiqmax.de for information about prices and turnaround times.